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Alice Liddell, know to the public as as Ms. A.L. to keep her identity a secret, followed a white rabbit down a hole and disappeared into a mysterious world called Wonderland. This world does not follow the conventional laws of physics as our world does. In many instances it even breaks the laws of physics and logic all together.

A couple years later, Alice once again entered the mysterious Wonderland but this time through a mirror.


In 1865, young Alice was being watched over by her older sister along the banks of the River Thames. At some point, Alice's sister fell asleep and Alice went missing. This caused a lot of guilt for Alice's sister. Four months later, after intense searching, Alice's family was preparing funeral arrangements. They were surprised to find Alice had miraculously reappeared back at the river bank soaking wet, barely conscious, and suffering from exposure.

Alice was then questioned as to where she had been this whole time. She told everyone about how she fell down a rabbit hole and recounted her adventures in Wonderland. This world she visited apparently does not follow the same rules of physics and logic as our world does and is described as being very disorienting. Alice was very surprised to learn that she had been gone for four months as she believed her adventures only took place over a single afternoon.

in 1871, Alice's family visited the Deanery of Christ Church College, Oxford. After stepping through a mirror above the mantel place in the Deanery, Alice is able to once again visit Wonderland. This time however, Alice felt like her time in Wonderland lasted much longer than the previous time, although it lasted no longer than seven minutes.

Alice reappeared but was changed this time. Her body seems to have been reversed, including her organs. Due to this change, Alice could no longer digest food. In late November she starved to death.

After her death, Alice then became known as Ms. A.L. in order to protect her identity and for the sake of the family.

in 1969, while Mina Murray trips on acid in Hyde Park, Alice appears to her. She's eating a piece of cake and is not wearing a top, exposing her breasts. Alice seems to be drawn similarly to the Disney version.

After Death[]

Five years after Alice's death, it was decided that the original hole that Alice fell into must be explored and then eventually sealed. This was to protect anyone else from accidentally entering it and falling the same fate as Alice. A clergyman from Oxford, Dr. Eric Bellman, was to lead this group of explorers. His group consisted of a banker, a lawyer, a butcher, a lacemaker named Miss Beever, and a shoe shine vendor.

In April of 1876, the group found the hole. Bellman noted the hole seemed to disappear and reappear at irregular times. He also noted that the hole seemed to have many objects floating in it. On April 23rd, the group finally descended down into the hole. They were not seen again for seven months except for one member who was never seen again.

The Bellman Expedition

By October the group reappeared in the same condition that Alice was found in. All that returned had become insane. One member took on a photographic negative appearance of his former self. His skin was an unreflective black and his former black waistcoat was now white. His body, like Alice, was reversed and he died of starvation after a week.

The banker was the only member to have never been discovered. The remaining members couldn't even remember what happened. Even their speech had changed. Instead of talking in normal sentences, they now engaged in nonsensical poetry and silly wordplay. By 1901, Bellman was the only surviving member.In the same year, Mina Murray visited his room at the institution where Bellman was being kept and interviewed him. Bellman couldn't give a straight answer as to what actually happened.


  • Alan Moore featured a version of Alice (surname: Fairchild) as a central character in the erotic graphic novel Lost Girls, in which she describes her sexual experiences to Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Wendy from Peter Pan.