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Andrew Norton is a Englishman of the modern era, who is trapped in space, within London's city limits, but not in time. He is thus known as the Prisoner of London.


Norton's travel through time was 'first' recorded in history during the Gloriana Era on May 30th, 1593, in which he was responsible for accidentally killing Christopher Marlow - at the establishment of Ma Bull - by stabbing the playwright in the eye with a sharp stick. The contemporary historical record remembers Norton as "a strangely attired... Master Nortonne".

At some point of time, Norton became an associate to Mina Murray's League. In 1910, Norton was consulted by Murray and A.J. Raffles for his help in their investigation on Oliver Haddo's cult. Norton, however, inexplicably hinted them about the future and offers little help.

He visits Mina for the second time in 1969, and meets Allan Quatermain and Orlando as the trio are trying to discern Haddo's plan. Again, his cryptic clues point them in the right direction.

In 2009, Norton actively participated in helping Mina Murray and Orlando in their battle against the Antichrist by guiding them to a secret railway platform in King's Cross, where Murray and Orlando traveled to a magical school the Antichrist came from - Norton did not go with them due to his restriction to London. Norton was later last seen observing the League's confrontation with the Antichrist.

Source material[]

Andrew Norton is created by Iain Sinclair and first appeared in Slow Chocolate Autopsy (1997). Iain Sinclair is a friend of Alan Moore, which is the reason he included Norton in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century. Norton's depiction in the comic is based on Sinclair himself. Norton is among very few characters used in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen who are used with the permission of their copyright holder.