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Animen are chimeras created through Dr. Monroe's experiments. They are wild animals of the most varied, from dogs to elephants, who undergo several surgeries and hypnosis sessions to assume human habits and characteristics, some even learning to speak.


Originally, Moreau used to live on Nobel Island where he conducted his experiments and met Teddy Prendrick, who was found shipwrecked on his island. The turn of events on Nobel Island led to Moreau believed to have died from his creations. Instead, a previous grievously injured Moreau was reinstated to the South Downs in England at the behest of British Intelligence. Also, Moreau was acquainted again with an insane Prendrick and had his creations in keeping watch on him in ensuring that he never tells the public about Moreau and his experiments.

In his sanctuary, the Dr could develop a strange village project with the creatures he produced, even creating a code of conduct for them, which forbade animalistic actions.

Its members include Rupert The Bear, Tiger Tim, Jumbo Elephant, Peter Rabbit, Pussy in Boots and many others.