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Armand Robur in 1938.

Armand Robur is the son of aeronaut Jean Robur who carried on his father's legacy.


When Armand was four years old, his father apparently died in the Battle of the Somme during World War I, and since then he grew up into a rather sombre and resentful "sort of aerobatic larcenist." He also remains loyal to France and held America in low esteem for its reluctance in taking sides in the war with Tomania and Germany.

In 1938, he married Hira Dakkar (the granddaughter of Nemo) on Lincoln Island (the wedding was orchestrated by Princess Janni Dakkar, who wanted to merge the Nemo and Robur families). Armand was taken prisoner by the forces of Adenoid Hynkel in 1941 and had to be rescued from the Berlin Metropolis by Janni, Hira and Broad Arrow Jack. Years later, he became the father of Jack Dakkar.

Decades after World War II, Armand's health was failing and, against the wishes of Princess Dakkar, flew The Terror to the crisis in French Indochina due to his patriotic obligation to his native country. Armand never returned to Lincoln Island and was presumed deceased.