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Basil Thomas was the lead singer of the band Purple Orchestra prior to 1969. He started the band with two of his classmates from St. Cuthbert's, Andrew and Tim. Two more followed, Noel and Terner, and soon the band rivalled the Rutles. Basil gained even greater wealth through his association with crime boss Vince Dakin, who was so taken with Basil that he gave the pop star access of his house and his lover, Wolfe Lovejoy.

Basil's life came to a sudden halt in 1969, when Terner, seeking to take over the Purple Orchestra, made a deal to become the moonchild of occultist Oliver Haddo. Basil was killed during a night of taddie-fueled sex with Wolfe, when Haddo's followers drowned him in a pool.

Source material[]

Basil Thomas is based on Basil Fotherington-Thomas created by Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle. Thomas is also an analogue of Brian Jones of the League universe.