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Berlin 1941

The Berlin Metropolis is a vast city and the capital of Germany. It was also the base of operations for Die Zwielichthelden.

The Metropolis features many different levels and systems of transport, as well as enormous buildings and highly advanced technology.

Deep underground beneath the Metropolis lies the Workers' City, where the working class reside. These workers run the huge generators and pumps that power the city.

Following the death of Carl Rotwang, the city's creator, the Metropolis was governed by Dr. Caligari with the help of Maria and Die Schlaffkommandos.

In 1941, Janni's son-in-law Armand Robur was imprisoned in the city, forcing her and Broad Arrow Jack to go and rescue them. Following their rescue, Janni has the city devastated by bombs from The Terror in revenge for Jack's death.



A vast industrial complex, seemingly put out of functional use by 1943. Used by the German-Tomanian military for interrogations and detainment.

Der Ewige Garten--Staatbordell[]

Literally translated as "The Eternal Garden", it was a state-operated brothel located in Berlin, as well as the headquarters of Dr. Werner Mabuse. The brothel catered to almost every fetish under the sun, including BDSM and bondage.

Gestapo HQ[]

The headquarters of the Berlin Gestapo, or secret police. It was used to process Berlin's skeletal citizens.

Source material[]

The League's version of Berlin is based around the 1927 science-fiction film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Only in the universe of the League, the events of the movie appear to take place in the early 20th century rather instead of 2027.