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Bertram Wilberforce 'Bertie' Wooster is an English idle-rich socialite and one of the Bright Young People - aristocratic youths with a love of parties.


Bertie Wooster with his manservant Jeeves in 1928.

Bertie has a penchant for madcap (and badly planned) schemes which always go wrong, and is possessed of a relentlessly sunny disposition. He is constantly trying to outrun the wrath of his aging aunts Agatha and Dahlia, and to avoid the marriages that they try to arrange for him. He is a member of the young gentlemen's 'Drones Club', and is always accompanied by his butler Jeeves, whose brilliant brain helps Bertie out of many a scrape.

In 1928, after a Shoggoth appears at Brinkley Court, Jeeves invites Mina Murray's second team to deal with the threat. This is detailed in Bertie Wooster's memoir, 'What Ho, Gods Of The Abyss' which is included in The Black Dossier.

Source Material[]

Bertie Wooster is one of the most iconic characters created by English humorist P. G. Wodehouse, and appeared in dozens of comedic novels over the 20th century.