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The Black Dossier at the Ministry of Love

Not to be confused with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier graphic novel.

The Black Dossier is a file created by MI5 on the secret history of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in all its incarnations. The Dossier contains a collection of numerous texts with different authors and formats.


The Dossier was first compiled by Gerry O'Brien for Harold Wharton on the history of the League and their exploits. O'Brien also comments several times that he is doubtful of the validity of several of the members stories.

The dossier was originally in the possession of the British Secret Service, until in 1958 Allan Quatermain and Mina Murray (who had by this time resigned from the league) stole it to find out how much MI5 knew about them. They took the book back with them to the Blazing World and giving it to Prospero. What happened with the dossier afterwards is unknown.


"On the Descent of the Gods" (1941):[]

an account of the Gods of the League universe, as written by Oliver Haddo

"The Life of Orlando" (1953):[]

a twenty-five pagecomic strip which tells the entire life of Orlando from his birth in the City of Thebes in 1260 B.C., up to the Second World War told in the style of a 1950s British comic called Trump.


A faux William Shakespeare play detailing the foundation of the League by Prospero from The Tempest

"The New Adventures of Fanny Hill: Or, the Further Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure" (1912 edition):[]

An imaginary sequel to John Cleland's Fanny Hillwith full-page illustrations akin to those the Marquis Von Bayros illustrated for the book

"Gulliver's Travails" (1794):[]

"A True and Faithfull Mappe of Ye Blazing Worlds" (1695):[]

A picture map of the Blazing World and its location

"Shadows in the Steam: 1898, and the Genesis of the Mark I Murray Group" (1908):[]

''The Nautilus, A Cutaway Schematic":[]

A cut-away of Nemo's Nautilus Mark II submarine

"A Prospectus of London" (1901):[]

"Bullettins from Beyond" (1899-1913):[]

A series of postcards Mina and Allan sent between the years 1899 and 1913

"The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Les Hommes Mysterieux and Others, 1909-1924" (1909-1924):[]

Profiles of the second 20th century leagues and the group's French and German counterparts.

"What Oh, Gods of the Abyss" (1928):[]

A Bertie Wooster and Jeeves prose story involving one of Great Old Ones from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

"When They Sound the Last All Clear" (1939-1945):[]

"The Warralson Team, 1946-1947" (1946-1947)[]

"The Crazy Wide Forever" (1957):[]

a short story written in the style of Jack Kerouac

"Director's Summary" (1957):[]