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DeltaSquad5 DeltaSquad5 8 May 2021

If you could make a Japanese League of Extraordinary Gentleman...

We've seen plenty of leagues over the history of the comics - ranging from small to large, effective to ineffective, canon and non-canon/spoofs, etc.

Here's the wiki page that details of all the leagues we've seen and the characters they included: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Question is, with LXG not really including many Japanese characters (with the notable exceptions including Godzilla and Gamera), who would you include if you could create a league made of Japanese characters?

Who would be the one to assemble them?

What would be the threat/threats they'd be facing?

Curious to see what you guys think.

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Kingofpointless15 Kingofpointless15 26 June 2017

Suggested minor fixes for Wiki


Just an irregular editor here. I've noticed there seems to be a problem with the 'new pages' widget on the main page. Underneath this it appears the newest page added is a troll one. I don't have the admin privaleges to change this so could someone else fix these things?


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