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Also known as the Necronomicon or Al Azif (in the original Arabic), it is a perfidious treatise on witchcraft written in 730 AD by the Yemeni philosopher Abdul Alhazred. This Dantesque tome is reputed to be the greatest repository of knowledge about the alien entities known as The Great Old Ones


Having left for a spiritual retreat in the desert, the poet Alhazred would have had profound metaphysical revelations, acquiring a wide range of profane knowledge, which included visions of the dreamy monster Cthulhu himself. Shortly after returning from his pilgrimages, he would have settled in Damascus, where he spent his last years recording his knowledge in the form of a seminal grimoire of pure villainy. Alhazred would have died a short time later, torn to shreds by an invisible demon in broad daylight in the town's bazaar

After the bloody rise of the mad Arab, his house was set on fire by an angry mob, but the scrolls containing the incomplete work were saved by one of the sorcerer's apprentices. Centuries later, the first copies of the tome began to appear, translated into Latin by the monk Ollaus Wormius, which, due to its stale content, ended up being banned by Pope Gregory IX in 1232. Most copies of the Necronomicon were destroyed, but a few survivors allowed the cursed truths contained therein to survive.

It was not until the 16th century that the Necronomicon was first translated into English, the work of celebrated British court astrologer Johannes Suttle

Few copies of the necronomicon known to researchers are still accessible. among which, we can highlight the ones present in the British museum, in the national library in Paris, and a once much requested copy that belonged to the Miskatonic University, in the American province of Arkham, in Massachusetts. This especially was the center of a strange incident involving a grotesque human-looking creature in 1924 who tried to steal the book, only to be killed by the institution's watchdog.


Necronomicon is a grimoire where numerous rituals are described to resurrect the dead, contact supernatural entities, travel through the dimensions where these beings inhabit, bring back to Earth ancient banished and imprisoned divinities

Due to the blasphemous content of its secrets, reading the necronomicon is extremely damaging to the human mind, invariably driving anyone who ventures into its pages to go mad.

Source material[]

the necronomicon is the creation of the american author HP Lovecraft, being one of the main elements belonging to the universe created by the writer, the collection of short stories and novels known as the Mythos of Cthulhu. Although it is assumed to be real by many people, upon hearing physical versions of it, the necronomicon is a completely fictional work.