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Brutus or Brute of Troy is a legendary descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, known in medieval British legend as the eponymous founder and first king of Britain.


In 1110 BCE, Brutus was banished from Italy after accidentally killing his father, Ascanius. He was accompanied by Orlando (who is then known as Bion). During his banishment, Brutus received a vision from the goddess Diana that he is to found a mighty island nation. Orlando was also present.

After several months sailing, Brutus and his crew arrive at what will become known as the British Isles. By 1100 BCE, Brutus founded the British Isles and claimed it as "Brutain", after himself. The island, however, was inhabited by savage giants. For ten years, Brutus, his followers and Orlando fought the British native giants in which they are almost driven to extinction. At this war's climax, Corineus, Brutus's best wrestler and later founder of Cornwall, having previously taken the giant's chieftain, Gogmagog, prisoner at Totnes, throws him over a cliff during a wrestling match at a place which is thereafter known as Langoënagog (trans: "The Giants Leap") in modern day Plymouth.

Following the pacification of the giants, Brutus established his capital Troy-Novatum on would today be London. By 55 BCE, Brutus's legacy over "Brutain" had dwindled as its inhabitants degenerated to a tribal state. But, the inhabitants were able to drive away Roman forces led by Julius Caesar from conquering the Isles during that year.

Source material

Brutus was first mention in the Historia Britonum, a 9th century historical compilation attributed to Nennius, but is best known from the account given by the 12th century chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae. However, he is not mentioned in any classical text and is not considered to be historical.

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