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Le Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin was a brilliant French detective. He uses his incredibly intellect, combined with an ability to put him self into the criminal's mind, to solve cases.

He most famously solved the murders in the Rue Morgue.


Dupin (1841)

In 1841 he investigated the murder of Madame L'Espanaye and her daughter Camille L'Espanaye. The bodies had been brutally savaged. Madame L'Espanaye was left with multiple broken bones and her head cut nearly clean off. Camille was found strangled to death with her body stuffed up a chimney. Despite having no real evidence against him, the police arrested Adolphe Le Bon. This was due to the fact that he had delivered gold to them the day before.

After taking one look at the crime scene, Dupin was able to deduce that the criminal was an orangutan (or Ourang-Outang as the story calls it). Dupin then puts an ad in the newspaper for a missing orangutan. A sailor answers the call and is reunited with his pet orangutan. Le Bon is then released from prison.

In April of 1898 a prostitute named Anna Coupeau was murdered in the Rue Morgue. This prompted Dupin to re-open his old case. Mostly due to the fact that he new the victim. He described her as having a hard life and not deserving of such treatment.

Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain arrive in Paris by late June to investigate the murders. Mina links the Copeau murder with a still uncaptured criminal from Whitechapel ten years prior. Not too much is said about what happened in Whitechapel other than it involved a missing doctor. Dupin refutes that it was a man due to this murder, like the ones 50 years prior, contain the same superhuman strength and due to the fact an ape-like figure was seen fleeing the murder.

Mina dresses up as a prostitute so they can bait the killer while Quatermain and Dupin keep watch. Quatermain, having gone off to buy some Laudanum, loses track of Mina. Dupin berates him and chats with a prostitute to find her. The prostitute says she went off with a skinny, English doctor named Henry. Dupin and Quatermain are able to locate Mina as soon as the situation gets out of hand. They find Mina frightened and with a bloody nose. She says she thought she could handle the doctor but then something happened to him.

Just then, a giant ape-like monster, claiming to be named Edward, bursts through the doorframe. Dupin immediately draws his pistol and shoots Edward in the face. Unfortunately, he only shoots it's ear off which enrages the beast. Quatermain then shoves his bottle of Laudanum into Edward's mouth. His bottle proved to be useful after all as the monster then becomes unconscious and falls out of a window. Mina, Dupin, and Quatermain then take the unconscious Edward's body down to the Nautilus. Dupin is astounded by the sight of the Nautilus claiming he thought he'd never live to see it. He then bids Mina a farewell and watches the Nautilus sink away.

Source material[]

Dupin was the creation of Edgar Allan Poe and appeared in "Murders in the Rue Morgue", "The Mystery of Marie Rogêt" and "The Purloined Letter" and is credited with establishing, to the greatest degree, the genre of detective fiction.