Coal City is a subterranean city sprawling under Stirling, Renfrew and Dumbarton under central Scotland, and extends from the New Aberfoyle caverns, fifteen hundred feet beneath Earth's surface.

Coal City is situated next to Vril-ya Country and the lost Roman State. It was set up by miners in the middle of the 19th Century, the architecture of the settlement has been described as "staggering," from its castellated entrance to its chapel of St. Giles that rears above Coal City's bordering subterranean loch. It is heated and lit by electricity (used to provide Coal City with an artificial "day"), the miners' commune has drawn as much revenue from tourists as it has from coal production.

Source materialEdit

Coal City is from Jules Verne's Les Indes Noires (1877). Coal City, a subterranean city located beneath central Scotland, is a very productive mine and tourist attraction.