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The Correctional Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen Schadenfreude was an academy in Edmonton directed by Miss Termagant Flaybum and then Rosa Belinda Coote. By 2009, the academy was turned into a mental institute and renamed as Coote's Centre for Psychiatric Well Being.


After his "death", Hawley Griffin took refuge at the Academy and even started to rape the senior students in his invisible form, thus creating the myth of a "holy spirit" occupying the Academy. He had impregnated three (including Becky Randall) when it cause controversy by Reverend Septimus Harding who doubted the miracles.

The British Secret Services speculated about Griffin's whereabouts and Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain and Nemo were sent there by Campion Bond to apprehend him. On July 3rd 1898 they arrived there and Murray presented herself and Quatermain as parents who wished to inspect the place before lodging their daughter. Nemo accompanied them as a manservant or "punky-wallah".

During their stay there, they saw Griffin trying to rape Pollyanna Whittier. The two men tried to catch him but he hit Quatermain with a lamp, and crushed Nemo's nose. Murray threw a bucket of white paint on him (belonging to the decorators who were working there) and knocked Griffin out with the same bucket. Immediately thereafter, Murray and her companions captured Griffin and left, much to Miss Coote's dismay whom she seems to take a liking to Murray.[1]

Sometime prior to 2009, the Academy was remodeled as a mental institute and renamed as the Coote's Centre for Psychiatric Well Being. The institute was headed by Coote's descendant, Belinda Coote.[2] In a twist of irony, Mina Murray was interned there since 1969[3] until being freed by Orlando.[2]



The Academy was a part of Rosa Coote's stories in The Pearl.