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Dean Moriarty is the grandson of Professor James Moriarty, who lived in the United States during the 1950's.


Dean Moriarty was probably born around 1920, presumably of the relationship between an American woman and an illegitimate son of James Moriarty.

Dean was a great friend of Sal Paradyse, with whom he travelled around the U.S.. They chronicled their travels in their various travelling journals.

At one point of their travels, Dean and Sal met  the immortal British agents Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain. Together, they battled and defeated the mad scientist known as Doctor Sachs, who was a descendant of yellow peril Doctor Fu Manchu. Given the feud between Professor Moriarty and Fu Manchu, Dean and Sachs were natural rivals. The battle was registered by Sal in a book called "The Crazy Wide Forever", which became part of the Black Dossier, since it registered Murray's and Quatermain's deeds in America after World War II.

Source material[]

Dean and Sal appear in the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Sal seems to be the expy to Kerouac in the LoEG-verse, while Dean seems to be an expy of Kerouac's friend Neal Cassady.