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Dr. Mabuse 1941

Dr. Werner Mabuse was a master criminal and telepathic hypnotist, who used mind control and a network of agents to commit acts of criminal genius. Along with Dr. Caligari, another mesmerist, Mabuse was one of the leading minds in Die Zwielichthelden, the German League.

During Janni Dakkar and Broad Arrow Jack's rescue mission in the Berlin Metropolis in 1941, Mabuse, having apparently lost any sense of loyalty to either his comrades or the government of Adenoid Hynkel, covertly aided the couple in their efforts in the hopes that they would kill his teammates Caligari and Maria. The resulting confrontations succeeded in fulfilling Mabuse's goals and left him as the only surviving member of Die Zwielichthelden.

Mabuse survived the subsequent devastation of Berlin by the bombs of The Terror, and became a friendly associate of Janni Dakkar until his death. He is survived by his daughter, Ursula Mabuse.

Source materialEdit

Dr. Mabuse was created by Norbert Jacques, and was made famous by his appearance in three films by Fritz Lang. Mabuse was heavily inspired by the character of Fantômas.

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