The Duchy of Grand Fenwick is a small European nation nestled in the Alps between Switzerland and France that was founded in the 14th century by English knight Sir Roger Fenwick, whose insufferable Englishness is preserved in both the Duchy's language and its customs. Grand Fenwick was described in The New Traveller's Almanac as "the smallest and most socially retrograde country in the world," which surprised its European readers at Grand Fenwick's continuing survival.

Source materialEdit

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick appears in Leonard Wibberley's The Mouse that Roared (1954); in that novel Grand Fenwick, facing bankruptcy by competition from cheap California wine, declares war on the United States in the hope that reparation funds from the U.S. would save Grand Fenwick. The novel, and its sequels, take a satirical look at themes such as the nuclear arms race, nuclear weapons in general, and the politics of the United States.