Two Duch Dolls in the Blazing World.

The Dutch Dolls are living, wooden dolls that resemble women. There are several of them living in the Blazing World. The two most well known ones are Peg and Sarah Jane, who serve the Galley-Wag on board of his balloon, the Rose of Nowhere. They were given to him by Frankenstein's Monster when the Galley-Wag visited Toyland, and choose to work for him because they find him sexually attractive.

The Dutch Dolls are seen in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier and in Minions of the Moon.

Source materialEdit

The Dutch Dolls were created by Florence Kate Upton and appear in the children's book The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwog. The Dolls seen in LoEG are heavily sexualized versions of the characters from the book.


The Dutch Dolls only speak in Dutch. This is a translation of their dialogue from The Black Dossier:

Dutch Translation
Wij zullen het dadelijk voor u doen, onze dappere held. Wij zijn verzot op u. We will do it righ away our brave hero. We are mad about you.
Waar gaat u heen, trotse kampioen der liefde? Where are you going, proud champion of love?
Hij heeft een slecht humeur. Laten wij ons maar aankleden. He's in a bad mood. We better get dressed.
Heer Orlando is momenteel een dame. Mr. Orlando is currently a lady.
Wij hebben ons vrijwillige aangeboden. Zijn geslacht is kolosaal. We volunteered for this. His genital is colossal.
Ik denk dat die grote wolk daar de weg naar huis is. I think that big cloud over there is the way home.
Er is nog zo'n plek, in de buurt van de zuidpool van der aarde. There is another place like this, near the Earth's south pole.
Meteen, admiraal van genoegen. At once, admiral of pleasure.
Zusters, het is zo prachtig om jullie te zien. Sisters, it is so wonderfull to see you.
Welkom vurige piraat van het hart. We zullen sterven van geluk. Welcome fiery pirate of the heart. We will die of happiness.
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