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Electro Girl

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Carol Flane







Seven Stars


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: The Tempest



Electro Girl was a British superhero and a former member of the Seven Stars.



In 1947, Carol Flane was investigating the dangerous apparatus of her recently-deceased mad scientist father, Dr. Florian Flane. Her investigation led to her gaining electrical powers from her father's machine and accidentally electrocuting her pet cat Buster, becoming the superheroine Electrogirl. Thereafter she remained cynical about her abilities, as Carol saw it as a illness rather than a gift as her powers can seriously hurt people by her touch. Because of this, Carol quickly loses many admirers and grew desperately lonely to the point of flirting with her arch-enemies. She only received advances from death-row convicts who want to die in her electrical embrace.


In 1964, Carol joined the Seven Stars. Initially, she was leery of her teammate Vull the Invisible, a villain who once held the world to ransom. "Vull" (who is secretly Mina Murray) reassured her and their team that the current Vull is a heroic successor. Captain Universe confirms Vull's honesty with his cosmic powers. During this time, Carol grew romantically attracted to Captain Universe.


After the disbandment of the Seven Stars, Carol later retired and at the age of eighty years old in 2009 sells her surplus electricity to the National Grid. She currently lives in a Faraday Cage in Cricklewood with her loyal manservant Stokes.

Carol was briefly reunited with Marsman and Satin Astro, who had come to request her help to prevent a great catastrophe. But Carol declined to join them because of her old age, and provide little help to her former companions in finding Vull by directing them to Captain Universe, who hasn't been seen decades ago. Following her friends' departure, Carol later changed her mind and decided to actively join in her friends' mission.

Source material[]

Electro Girl first appeared in G-Boy Comics (1947).