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The First Murray Group was the iteration of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen lasting from May, 1898 to July of that same year. This incarnation of the league was created by Professor James Moriarty, acting as M for MI5, as a means of stealing the Cavorite from the Doctor in order to bomb the East side of London. The team was led by Wihelmina "Mina" Murray and consisted of Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde, and Hawley Griffin. Their handler is Campion Bond.

After the Murray Group defeated Moriarty, their handler was now MI5's new M, Mycroft Holmes. Campion Bond was still working closely with the team as a means of keeping an eye on him. Holmes insisted that the team be kept on standby incase England should ever need their champions again.

Nearly hours after their first mission, the Murray Group's new assignment was to defend London against a Martian invasion. After losing several members during the invasion, the team disbanded. Lasting for only a few months, the First Murray Group ended up being one of the shortest lived teams in League History.


Origin of the Murray Group[]

In late 1897, Campion Bond was brought to the officer of his head superior Professor James Moriarty. The Professor at the time was the head of MI5, making him the most current user of the nickname 'M.' Moriarty relayed his fears to Bond about what envisioned to be an apocalyptic future for London caused by scientific advances and the sudden appearance of superhuman beings. He further explained to Bond that in the past, England had assembled groups of extraordinary individuals to fight for the Crown. His plan was to put together a new team.

Moriarty then passes files over to Bond containing five individuals he would like for his team. While Bond had agreed to most of them, he protested when he noticed the professor wanted Wilhelmina Murray as the team leader. Moriarty explains that Murray had survived an attack from a nameless inhuman species (presumably Count Dracula) earlier in the current year. He also notes that after the attack, Murray divorced her husband which resulted in her becoming a social pariah. Both of these events proved to Moriarty that Murray has the right physical and mental strength needed to lead a team with such dangerous men. He adds that she may also be desperate as being an outcast has left her with little money.

The next day, Bond sent a letter to Murray asking if she would be interested in a job. Murray replied very quickly after which Bond describes as almost desperate. They then meet at a lake by St. Jame's Park to discuss the job further. Murray was at first a little untrusting of Bond, but quickly agreed to to take the job once he mentioned her pay. She then asks what her first assignment would be to which Bond explains. He tells her how they will send her in a British navel vessel to South America where she would explore Lincoln Island for a member of the team.

Journey to the Mysterious Island[]

After eight days, Murray went down to the Government-maintained docks in Wapping where she soon went off for Lincoln Island. Murray was known for staying in her cabin on the ship almost all the time studying the files on her soon to be team members. Once arriving close to the island, Murray took a row boat to get closer. Murray and her row boat soon became invisible due to a thick fog that surrounds Lincoln Island.

Murray's journey to the island was not as smooth sailing as she had hoped. Heavy waves crashed against her tiny lifeboat. At one point she was underwater with no sense of direction. What saved Murray's life was clinging onto her waterproof suitcase which acted as a buoy for her. Eventually, she came back up to the surface, and onto the shores of Lincoln Island. Almost immediately after arriving on the Island, a group of men grab Murray and take her to an unkown location.


Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray

  • Active: 1898-?
  • Status: Alive
  • Source Material: Dracula

After the defeat of Count Dracula, Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker get a divorce. This causes Mina to become somewhat of an outcast in society. Unbeknownst to her, Moriarty had been watching her. Due to surviving an attack from Dracula, as well as becoming a pariah, he choses her to lead the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Moriarty sends Campion Bond to recruit Mina so she can begin assembling the team. They are officially known as the Murray Group. At first, Mina has troubling wrangling the team, due to their extreme personalities. With time they eventually see her as their leader. Mina and Allan Quatermain would eventually begin a romantic relationship which last for many decades. Despite his monstrous appearance, Mr. Hyde develops feelings for Mina as well. After the deaths of Hyde and Griffin, and the departure of Captain Nemo, the Murray Group disbands. Mina would eventually form a Second Murray Group in 1910.

Allan Quatermain

  • Active: 1898-2009
  • Status: Deceased
  • Source Material: King Solomon's Mines

Thought to be dead by most, though he might as well have been by the start of Volume I, Allan Quatermain is found by Mina Murray living in a drug den in Cairo, Egypt. The once famed British hero and adventurer was now hopelessly addicted to opium, emaciated, and on death's door. After initially refusing to join the team, Quatermain joins after being forced to save Mina. He becomes cured of his addiction while living aboard the Nautilus, and during their first assignment begins to prove that he really is the adventurer that the British Empire once adored. During the Martian invasion, Mina and Allan begin a romantic relationship. Despite Mina feeling ashamed of her. scars, Allan becomes attracted to them as his former wife had similar scars. After the first Murray Group disbands, Allan joins Mina's new team, albeit in a younger body.

Captain Nemo

  • Active: 1898
  • Status: Deceased
  • Source Material: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Captain Nemo was once known as Prince Dakkar, he took to the seas after the British Empire ravished his home country of India. Swearing vengeance against the Crown, Nemo became known as Great Britain's most notorious nightmare. The antithesis of later League member Allan Quatermain. He spent most of his adult life traveling the sea in his technologically advanced submarine, the Nautilus. When Mina Murray found Nemo on Lincoln Island, her blood ran cool due to her knowledge of the crimes he's committed against her home country. He surprisingly accepts her offer to join the team claiming he no longer feels India is his home. The ocean is his only home now. Seen as a brilliant inventor and a madman, Nemo provides a base of operations and weaponry for the team. After the Martian invasion, Nemo left the team due to MI5's use of biological weapons against the aliens.

Dr. Henry Jekyll

  • Active: 1898
  • Status: Deceased
  • Source Material: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Mr. Edward Hyde

  • Active: 1898
  • Status: Alive (cloned)
  • Source Material: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Hawley Griffin

Invisible man Griffin.jpg
  • Active: 1898
  • Status: Deceased
  • Source Material: The Invisible Man