The Flash Avenger was a British superhero and a member of the Seven Stars.


David Gaunt was a wealthy playboy and son of Sir Henry and Lady Arrhythmia Gaunt. While he and his parents were returning from a servant-auction, they came across a beggar who asked for money. David's father became offended and attacked the beggar. David was actually shocked over the fact that "shabby" working-class people actually existed. In 1951, David decided to flaunt his superiority over both criminal and working classes as The Flash Avenger.

In 1956, David married Gail Garrity and they have a son named Henry after his father. But due to his heroic lifestyle, he barely saw his wife and son.

After the disbandment of the Seven Stars, David Gaunt died of lung cancer in 1968 and is interred in Highgate Cemetery.

Source materialEdit

The Flash Avenger was created by union organiser John "Jock" McCail and appeared in Dynamic Thrills Comics.

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