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Frank Reade Jr. was an American scientist and inventor, and the son of Frank Reade Sr., who was famous for building robots which includes the Steam Man.


Reade was one of the team of American scientists employed by Charles Foster Kane to pursue Janni Nemo and her crew during their 1925 expedition to Antarctica. Having forced to work alongside with fellow scientist Tom Swyfte, Reade saw him in a very negative light for outshining him and stealing away his contract rights.

While chasing their quarry, Reade was shocked to witness Jack Wright falling into the hole to subterranean Pluto. He and Swyfte reach Nemo to the Mountains of Madness. But Reade meet a tragic end in which he is devoured by a Shoggoth after Swyfte deliberately shot his leg to selfishly escape from the monster.[1]

Source material[]

Frank Reade appeared in many dime novels between 1879 and 1899.