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Frankenstein's Monster (the Creature) is the creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.  He was assembled from the dead body tissue of various corpses and given life through alchemical means.  After escaping his creator through the Arctic Circle, he discovered Toyland, and married the Queen Olympia. The couple frequents the Blazing World.


Frankenstein's Monster was created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein at some point in the 1700s. Though not much is said about the monster's past, we do know him and his creator did not have a pleasant relationship. The monster was chased all the way to Toyland, found in the Arctic Circle, where he meets Queen Olympia. Her creator, Dr. Copelius, coincidentally knew Dr. Frankenstein.

Frankenstein's Monster at the Arctic Circle

Soon after, the monster and the Queen marry where he then becomes the Duke of Frankenstein. For the first time, the Duke felt his life was endurable. However, he became quite lonely living in Toyland. This was due to the fact that he was the only organic being in a world filled with toys. The Queen then ordered the creation of other "Frankensteins" in order to help her husband cope.

in 2009, the Duke, the Queen, and many of their loyal subjects await on the shores of Toyland for the arrival of the Nautilus. Mina Murray, Jack Nemo, and their group are greeted and promptly given a tour of Toyland by the Duke and Queen. They tell Mina and Nemo the story of how they met and even invite them to an evening ball. Mina and the Duke have a pleasant conversation on a balcony. She remarks how most people insist that the Duke's creator is Frankenstein and that he is Frankenstein's Monster. He asks her if that's supposed to make him feel better.

The next day the Duke and Queen bid farewell to their new friends. They watch as the Nautilus sinks into the ocean.