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It's the old school motto, I expect. "Conamur Tenues Grandia." Though slight, we strive for greatness.

- Billy Bunter

Greyfriars School was a English public school which, in reality, served as a recruiting ground for spies and agents for the British Crown since the 16th century.


The school's practice of recruiting agents of the Crown began in 1564 in which Queen Gloriana I and spymaster Sir Jack Wilton had visited the school searching for potential recruits.

Notable students that attended Greyfriars were Billy Bunter, Harold Wharton, Robert Kim Cherry, and John Night; all of whom were observed as potential agents for MI5. Headmaster Henry Quelch was also one of these observers.[1]

In the 1940s Tara Tarsy King's brother studied in Greyfriars.[2]

By 1958, Greyfriars had been closed down during the time of Harold Wharton's reign as "Big Brother". Billy Bunter remained as the sole resident and caretaker of the school.[1]

Source material[]

Greyfriars School was the setting for Charles Hamilton's Greyfriars stories which first appeared in The Magnet and various other media.