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Gullivar Jones

Gullivar Jones is a lieutenant in the United States Navy. He has blonde hair, is burly of stature and tough of nature.

He should not be confused with Lemuel Gulliver


Alone one night on shore leave, Gulliver Jones makes the brief acquaintance of an odd little fellow who seems to have fallen from the sky as if by magic. The stranger is dead on arrival, and with no way to locate his kin; Jones comes into ownership of his only possession, a large and highly ornate carpet. Returning home to his unwelcoming lodgings and there finding himself without company or purpose, Jones makes a fervent wish to be on Mars, and in a flash gets exactly what he asked for. Wrapped up in the folds of the carpet, he is whisked through space and deposited without ceremony on the plains of Mars.

Once on Mars, he is found by the Hither People. The strong willed Jones is outraged at their lethargy when the Hither are forced to give up a beautiful woman as a sacrifice, and sets out on a rescue mission. After many adventures on Mars, he succeeds in his quest.

At the start of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II Lt. Jones teams up with John Carter to lead a major coalition of Martian forces, including the Hither People, in a battle against the Mollusc.

Source material[]

Gullivar Jones was created by Edwin Lester Arnold, and is the main character of his novel Lieutenant Gullivar Jones: His Vacation. Jones's adventures were loosely adapted in Marvel Comics' Creatures on the Loose #16-21.

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