H-9 (Rupert Bear) was an anthropomorphic bear created by Dr. Moreau.


H-9 and his hybrid ilks had been secretly living in the South Downs of southern England. H-9 is noted for having strong sexual instincts and can become very frustrated and also aggressive; however, Dr. Moreau was able to calm the humanoid ursine by having to paid a local, elderly gypsy woman to "placate" H-9.

During the Martian invasion Allan Quatermain and Mina Murray were seeking Dr. Moreau; H-9 had been stalking the couple before finally making his appearance, and along with some of Moreau's animal people, to them who were copulating in the woods. Initially, H-9 used physical force on Quatermain before escorting him and Murray to Moreau.

H-9 and H-14 later helped in bringing H-142 to the train station that is to be delivered to London.

In 2009, H-9 is seen stuffed in the Secret Annex.

Source materialEdit

H-9 is Rupert Bear and was created by Mary Tourtel and have appeared in various media. H-9's relationship with a gypsy is a reference to the notorious Oz trial of 1970 in which a cartoon strip had depicted Rupert Bear having sex with an unconscious "Gypsy Granny."


  • Dr. Moreau mentions having a nephew who sometimes visits and draws pictures of his hybrids. In Century: 1969, a crude caricture of H-9 with a massive erection can be seen hanging on the wall in Julia Gallion's apartment.