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A Hither soldier.

The Hither People are one of the races that inhabit Mars. They resemble humans. Their appearance and clothing is clearly modelled after traditional Arabic culture.


Lt. Gullivar Jones ended up with the Hither People when a flying carpet first brought him to Mars. They live in a considerable settlement in the ruins of the city of Varnal, a city from the Kane Dynasty which dates thousands of years before the Mollusc's occupation. They are at odds with another, more aggressive Martian race called the Thither.

The Hither People were among the many native Martian races fell victim to the alien invaders known as the "Mollusc". Led by Gulliver Jones, the Hither People were among the major Martian coalition forces that fought back against the invaders. They used a powerful cannon of their make to penetrate the Mollusc perimeter.

Source material[]

The Hither People were created by Edwin Lester Arnold, and appear in his novel Lieutenant Gullivar Jones: His Vacation.

The Hither actively fighting against the Moluscs is however in contrast to how they are depicted in the source material. Arnold described them in his novel as a decadent and lazy kind of people, who live a life of alcohol-dulled futility (Gulliver however found their liquer disgusting, saying it tasted like terpentine) and make no protest at all when their savage neighbours, the Thither people, demand tribute.