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J-R4 was a reserve J-Series agent with a meek personality and possessing terrible masculine insecurities.


In 2009, J-R4 accompanied Sir James's journey to Kor. Used as an expendable agent, J-R4 helped the elderly Sir James to the Pool of Fire. Initially J-R4 was worried of letting Sir James into the pool without his oxygen mask, in fear of affecting his pension, until Sir James emerged from the pool fully rejuvenated and young. J-R4 then slavishly polished Sir James's shoes while the latter donned his suit. After putting the shoes on his superior, J-R4 was unceremoniously rewarded by being fatally shot in the back of his head.

Source material[]

J-R4 is based on the original Jimmy Bond played by Woody Allen in the 1967 spoof James Bond film Casino Royale.