Jack Wright in 1925

Swyfte, concerning the need for information. You were wrong. I was right. Good-bye.

- Jack Wright's last words

Jack Wright was an American inventor.


Wright was hired by Charles Foster Kane in 1925 to assist in the retreival of Ayesha's treasure, which was stolen from him by Janni Nemo.

Chasing after Nemo to Antarctica, Wright was deeply curious and concerned of why Nemo would go there, especially into an uncharted territory beyond the Iron Mountains. Throughout the journey, Wright was at odds with his colleague Tom Swyfte, and built a somewhat amicable relationship with his rival Frank Reade Jr., who also shared his disdain with Swyfte.

He and his colleagues chased their quarry to the Iron Mountains, where they first spotted Ishmael and Tom. Wright attempted to run down Ishmael in his Ice-Car, but realized to his horror too late that he brought himself falling to his death into the hole to subterranean Pluto.

Source materialEdit

Jack Wright was created by Luis Senarens and starred in many dime novels at the end of the 19th century.

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