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Jacob I of England was the resentful nephew and successor of Queen Gloriana.


A deeply devoted Christian and harboring a hostile approach towards faeries, especially to his aunt, King Jacob released an edict branding all faeries and associated beings as 'Devils', or as Jacob himself put it at the time in his book Daemonologie, "That kinde of devils conversing in the earth may be divided in four different kinds...The fourth is these kinde of sprites that are called vulgarlie the Fayrie."

As his result of his animosity, he ordered a genocidal purge of all faerie-kind throughout the British Isles after his succession and Gloriana's death in 1603, which saw the destruction of the faeries' woodland habitats.

By 1616, Fairyland withdrew contact with the human world and there were no reports of faeries to be found in England. Also during his reign, Jacob devised in compiling of the now-standard King Jacob Bible.[1]

Source material[]

King Jacob is based on James I of England, who also shared Jacob's piety, and his animosity towards faeries is analogous to James' view on Catholics.