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Jean Robur aka the Master of Aira (Master of the Air), or better known as Robur the Conqueror or the Master of the World, is the captain of the airship Albatross who proclaimed the "powered flight" debate against the members of the Weldon Institute who supported the unpowered, lighter-than-air flight. He proved his position by inventing a very advanced "flying machine". He has a hidden stronghold in the Great Eyry, in the American Appalachians.


Robur issued some vague threats against the British Empire, in which Prime Minister Plantagenet Palliser responded to him.

During the early phase of the Martian invasion of Britain, Robur observed the events and had sent a letter to fellow aeronaut Luftkapitan Mors on August 12th, 1898, describing the events of the last two weeks.

Robur was approached by the French government in leading its own intelligence group in parallel to Britain's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen known as Les Hommes Mystérieux. He agreed, becoming a French analogue of Captain Nemo, in which his airship, the Albatross, became Mystérieux's mobile headquarters. Robur chose the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, whom Robur shown some admiration for, as the team's second member and his second-in-command. At their own powers, Robur and Lupin chose their (questionable) members into their group, which include: Nyctalope, Fantômas, and Monsieur Zenith.

In 1913, Robur and Les Hommes Mystérieux were secretly manipulated by Die Zwielichthelden into battling the League. In their initial conflict, the League attempted to board the Albatross by balloon in which the ship's captain easily retaliated by shooting them down with his airship's armaments. Their battle with the League ended with much of the destruction of the Paris Opera House. Robur and his cohorts' actions since then remain unknown at that point.

By the beginning of World War I, Robur participated in the conflict in which his airship was subsequently shot down at the Battle of the Somme. Presumably Robur died with his airship. Robur is survived by his son Armand who is married to Hira Dakkar, the granddaughter of Captain Nemo.

Source material[]

Robur appeared in Jules Verne's books: Robur the Conqueror (1886) and The Master of the World (1904).