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Joan Worralson was a distinguished captain of Britain's Women's Air Force and was used by the War Office as a female role model to attract girl recruits during the Second World War.

In 1946, she was recruited by MI5 as team leader of the 1940's League, the Warralson Team, in which she served as a replacement for Mina Murray. However, the League was fraught with tensions in which Warralson's homosexuality rejected William Samson Junior's attempts to recreate the Murray/Quatermain relationship with her. Ultimately, the team was short lived and ended only on one mission, and Warralson since then settled down with her longtime companion Betty "Frecks" Lovell.[1]

At some point some photos of Worralson were taken for blackmailing while the woman had an intercourse with a partner. The photos were later contained in Vauxhall in 2009.[2]

Source material[]

Joan Worralson is the main heroine of the Worralson stories written by W.E. Johns. Although Johns never said that Worrals was a lesbian, she was pursued by handsome, accomplished fellow pilot Bill Ashton, who is in love with her. She never reciprocated his feelings and liked him only as a friend.