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Kor was a sophisticated ancient civilization located in modern day Uganda. It was ruled by the once immortal queen Ayesha


In 13th century BCE, Orlando accidentally stumbled into Kor, where she bathed in the Fire of Life and became immortal.

Around 1901, Kor was ruled by a native Amahagger woman posing as Ayesha (whom was reincarnated in Asia). Kor was visited by Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain while in search of the Fire of Life. The duo uncovered the fake Ayesha and the impostor, fearing that the English couple would expose her as less than a goddess to her followers, informed them of the location of the Fire of Life.

When Ayesha finally died in the mid-1970's, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin sent his soldiers to devastate Kor. Since then the once lost city is now left in complete ruins. By 2009, Mina Murray and Orlando with Emma Night revisited Kor to bathe in the Fire of Life. After the women left the ruins, Sir James learned about the Fire of Life and traveled to Kor, where he also regained his youth. Soon afterwards, Sir James destroyed Kor and its pool with a timed nuclear bomb.