Lady Luna Ragnall (née Holmes) was Allan Quatermain's friend with whom they experienced Taduki leaves. Their fumes allowed Allan and Lady Ragnall to experience past lives.

When she died she bequeathed her supply of the Taduki leaves to him; Quatermain's addiction to opium was perhaps the result of his supply of the leaves being exhausted and his inability to get more. She was informed about Allan's death by George Curtis Sir Henry Curtis's brother.

Eventually she forsook her life immersed in the Taduki addiction. Her mansion deteriorated and her servants left her, except Marisa.

In 1889 Allan returned to England to seek Lady Ragnall and her supply of the drug.

Source materialEdit

Lady Ragnall first appears in the Haggard novel The Ivory Child (1916) and then in The Ancient Allan (1920) and Allan and the Ice Gods (1927) where she dies.

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