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Lincoln Island

Lincoln Island was the island headquarters of the first Captain Nemo and his family and successors. Its hollowed volcanic mountain is the holding pen for the Nautilus. It was believed that Lincoln Island is to be one of the last "brigand utopias" in the world.


Captain Nemo first established his base on Lincoln Island in the mid-19th century. Over the decades, Lincoln Island became a home for ne'er-do-wells. Although considered by many as a pirate's haven, Lincoln Island is in fact kept crime-free and disputes are swiftly dealt with by Nemo. Betrayal, whether to a rival enterprise or the authorities, is apparently the only capital offense on the island.[1]

Under the rule of Janni Dakkar, Lincoln underwent decades of modernization including the development of new technologies and facilities, such as an airfield built for the Robur clan's The Terror. By the time of Jack Dakkar, Lincoln Island now include nuclear facilities and missile silos.


  • Nemo Point
  • Janni Nemo Memorial (Dedicated in 1987)
  • Conning Tower Hill - A ICBM launch site loaded with standard issue "rogue state" nuclear payload.
  • Mors-Robur Aircraft Research and Development
  • Nemo Submarine Pens
  • Prince Dakkar Memorial Tower (Dedicated in 1910)
  • Janni Nemo "Warriors" Hospital (Founded in 1941)
  • Mors-Nemo "Carnage" Cannon
  • Robur Nuclear Facility
  • "Nemo's Keep" - Leader's private residence and science atrium.
  • Kraken Bridge
  • Pugwash Old Town
  • Broad Arrow Jack Memorial (Dedicated in 1941)