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A Lunite warrior

The Lunites, also known as Amazons of the Moon, are a race of human looking aliens that live on the Earth's moon.

They live on a section of the moon that has a higher gravity than the rest due to the presence of the black monolith. Lunites wear no clothing, but only ornaments like swords and capes.

The Lunites play a large role in the story Minions of the Moon.


Lunites were not native to the moon however, but originated in the outer cosmos near the edge of the Universe. Centuries ago they had been a great civilisation. They settled on the moon during the Earth's Neolithic period, after having been forced to leave their old home because of a deadly ray-emitting star.

Mina Murray's lunar mission[]

The species originally included both males and females, but in 1901, around the same time that Selwyn Cavor came to the moon, a mysterious plague hit the colony and killed all the men. When Mina Murray and the Galley-Wag visited the moon in 1964, they found a field full of the skulls of the deceased men. The loss of men robbed the Lunites from the chance to breed and they were faced with the risk of becoming extinct. Although the Lunites have longer lifespans than humans, even the youngest of the women would be too old for child-bearing within a century after the plague hit. Believing that human males might be a good substitute for the deceased Lunite-males, but being unwilling to expose their existence to the colonists from Earth, the Lunites stole the frozen body of Selwyn Cavor from the Selenites to extract his sperm. This however provoked the Selenites to the point of declaring war on the Lunites. Fearing the war would cause the inhabitants of Earth's  lunar colonies to move to other regions and find the Black Monolith, Prospero send Mina to the moon to prevent the war. She forced the Lunites to return Cavor's body to the Selenites, but gave them the frozen body of James Moriarty (which she had seen floating in space during her trip to the moon) as a substitute. Moriarty's body proved to be just the thing the Lunites needed, and they were able to impregnate several women with his sperm.

Blazing World Crisis[]

During the apocalypse orchestrated by Prospero, a new generation of Lunitas, which now included males and females, children of James Moriaty, launched a campaign against the human colonies on the moon, invading several of them and slaughtering all humans, but without destroying anything of the infrastructure, and especially the ships. Armed with a mighty fleet, the Lunites-Moriaty invaded both Venus and Mars in a frenzy of conquest, subjugating native civilizations and establishing an empire throughout the solar system. The apparent Leader of this army, the tyrant Lamarr, ended up establishing a dynasty that would rule with an iron fist for centuries to come, being nicknamed the Warlord of Mars

Lunitas seal humanity's fate by attacking its last sanctuaries

Source material[]

The Lunites are loosely based on the satirical comedy film Amazon Women on the Moon.