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Military Intelligence Group 5 or MI5 or The Ministry of Love is the domestic secret service in Britain. Established by Queen Gloriana I in 1558, it was responsible for assembling most of the incarnations of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, including Prospero's Men, Gulliver's Fellowship, The First Murray Group, The Second Murray Group, The Warralson Team, and The 1958 League Group.

Though the organisation has changed much throughout the centuries, it retains much of the same internal structure since its inception. Each successive director of MI5 retains the title of "M", such as Sir Jack Wilton, Professor James Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes, Gerald O'Brien, Robert Kim Cherry, and Emma Night, and numerous key operatives retain the title of "007", including the Court Astrologer Prospero, Campion Bond, and, most famously, Bond's grandson Jimmy. Furthermore, since 1564, it has recruited many of its operatives from Greyfriars School, with numerous MI5 "observers" kept on as teaching staff, such as Headmaster Henry Quelch.

Since at least 1898, its headquarters has been in the London Freemasons Hall at Vauxhall.




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