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Maple White Land is a large plateau in Brazil's Amazonas State where live multitudes of prehistoric species that were thought to be extinct, including many dinosaurs, primitive humans (such as Neanderthals), and prehistoric mammals (such as woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers). A species of ape-man, conceivably related to the Yahoos, once existed before being ethnically purged by a local Indian tribe, the Accala. In 1912, Maple White Land was explored by George Challenger.

In 1975, Captain Janni Dakkar led her crew in briefly visited Maple White Land in which one of her members, Hugo Coghlan, killed a Tyrannosaurus rex; the dead dinosaur was then taken back aboard the Nautilus as a substitute for Hugo's diet of cow-pies. Dakkar assigned Manfred Mors in luring a flock of Pteranodons as air cover to a Nazi cloning facility.

Source material[]

Maple White Land is from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World (1912). Among the dinosaurs depicted in the comic are Dimetrodons resembling the live monitor lizards with attached horns and sails seen in Irwin Allen’s 1960 film adaptation.

Some of the native dinosaurs are seen fitted with packsaddles resembling those seen in the TV series The Flintstones, suggesting that the town of Bedrock might be an Accala settlement located on Maple White Land.