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Seven Stars


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: The Tempest



Marsman (Garath Gannz) is a Martian superhero and was a member of the Seven Stars.

History Edit

Garath Gannz was born in New Varnal to a Thark father and Red Martian mother. Being a hybrid offspring, Garath had special powers and pink skin. He was able to control thoughts, he could also detect lies. Due to his skin colour, Garath was discriminated but luckily his abilities secured him a job with interplanetary intelligence.

In 1948 he was sent to Earth to study Post-World War II humanity. Upon arriving in Birmingham Spaceport, Garath witnessed the oppression of the newly elected Big Brother regime in which extraterrestrials suffered detention and extermination. He used his skills to evade capture from the Ingsoc government for eight years and became a hero known as Marsman. He eventually relocated to Bigburg, near Cactusville in Texas.

In 1964 he was recruited into the Seven Stars. Together the team fought The Mass.

In late 2009, Marsman reunited with Satin Astro to help her in stopping a catastrophe that will ruin Earth and Mars. They began their mission by trying to find Vull the Invisible. He and Satin visited an elderly Electro Girl but were unable convince her to join them due to the retired heroine's old age.

Source materialEdit

Marsman was created by Paddy Brennan and first appeared in Marsman Comics (1948).

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