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Michael Kane was a human from modern day Earth who was transported back in time to prehistoric Mars. There he began one of Mars' early civilizations under the Kane Dynasty.

Millions of years later, Michael Kane and his legacy for shaping Mars' history is remembered by the current Martian races. The Hither People known Kane in their lore for being from the Negulu (seemingly the Hither name for Earth), and resided near Varnal, an ancient city from the Kang Dynasty. Earthlings Gullivar Jones and John Carter (who were like in Kane's situation) knew of Kane but never considered him as hailing from Earth all those years ago, especially considering his Earth sounding name in which John Carter stated that it is a "coincidence."

Source material[]

Michael Kane is the main protagonist of Michael Moorcock's Old Mars trilogy. Kane was a physics professor at the Chicago Special Research Institute who transported himself to Mars, or “Vashu,” during the Cretaceous Period on Earth, somewhere between 65 and 110 million years ago. In fact, the Old Mars trilogy is a homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter stories.