Minions of the Moon is a three-part illustrated text story at the end of the three parts of Century . It is written in the "New Wave" style, by a certain John Thomas, and described as "Originally serialised in Lewd Worlds Science Fiction, Ed. James Colvin". The story is set across several different time periods, although it mainly concerns a lunar mission by Mina Murray and the Golliwog in 1964.


Chapter One: Into the Limbus

1236 BC - Love Amongst the Troglodytes: Describes Bio first contact with the Pool of Life and the immortal troglodytes, as well as her contact with the shards of a black monolith.

1910 - In the Wake of the Black Nautilus: Allan Quatermain and Mina talk about their relationship, shortly after the mass-killing event at London's harbor zone. Allan promises Mina "The Moon over Soho".

1964 - Her Long, Adorable Lashes: Focus on Allan and Orlando 's new sexual adventure: domination and submission.

1964 - Requiem for a Space-Wizard: Mina (under the alias of Vull the Invisible) talks with Captain Universe in his fortress (after his victory upon the Space-Wizard) about the recent disband of the Seven Stars.

1964 - Coming Forth by Day: Prospero calls Mina, the Golliwog and his Dutch Dolls to the Blazing World . He tasks them with stopping a war in the Moon, which would risk the security of the Earth colonies there.

1964 - Huckleberry Friends: Mina, the Golliwog and the Dutch Dolls fly to space aboard the Rose of Nowhere. Mina wonders about her allies on Earth, shortly before discovering Professor Moriarty's body inside a block of ice, floating in space thanks to the Cavorite he kept at the end of Volume 1 .

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