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Monsieur Zenith

Monsieur Zenith, aka Elric of Melniboné was a criminal mastermind and member of Les Hommes Mysterieux.


Zenith was an albino, and used drugs to overcome his condition. This afforded him physical power and ability beyond that of a normal man. Cursed with a perpetual sense of ennui, Zenith's boredom and dissatisfaction can only be relieved by danger, adventure and opium. He frequently clashed with the detective Sexton Blake. He carries the sentient black runesword Stormbringer.

In 1913, Zenith had a sword fight with Orlando in the pouring rain on the roof of the Paris Opera. Orlando was nearly killed in the incident. During the battle, Zenith revealed that he was once Elric of Melniboné, and had previously encountered Orlando when he went by this name, and Orlando was known as Roland. He was aware of Orlando's immortality and concluded that he is a superhuman, no different from him.

Source material[]

Zenith wielding Stormbringer in 1913.

Zenith was created by Anthony Skene as a villain in his Sexton Blake detective stories.

Elric of Melniboné was created by Michael Moorcock and appeared in a series of low fantasy, sword & sorcery stories. Though partially-inspired by Skene's Zenith, Moorcock's Elric is chiefly designed to be the opposite of the typical wild, uncultured, magic-disdaining barbarian protagonists in sword & sorcery fantasy, particularly Conan the Barbarian.