The Moon (also known as Luna or Selene) is Earth's natural satellite, home to a wide range of native and exotic species. Moon's gravity and atmosphere (which are similar to Earth's) are generated by a mysterious black monolith (similar monoliths can also be found throughout the entire Solar System).

Interactions between Earth and MoonEdit

The first recorded travel to the Moon was the one of Lucian of Samosata. When his ship was on an expedition trough the Pillars of Hercules, a large sprout of water launched it straight to the Moon, where Lucian and the crew (Vita along them) witnessed a war between the Moon and the Sun over a colony in the Morning Star. After the war ends, the ship and the crew are all sent back to Earth.

In 1901, Professor Selwyn Cavor (using his Cavorite) reached the Moon with his expedition, annexing it to the British Empire. Cavor did not survive the journey, and his body was taken and worshipped by the Selenites, a race of insectoids native to the Moon. On that same year, the male population of the Lunites dies out, possibly because of a Earth-based disease brought to the Moon by Cavor's expedition.

At some period, France, the United States and Germany established colonies in the Moon.

Around 1964, Cavor's body was taken by the Lunites, which started using his sperm for reproduction purposes, causing the rage of the Selenites. Prospero summoned Mina Murray, the Galley-Wag and his Dutch Dolls to the Blazing World, in order to send them to the Moon to stop the war between the two races. According to Prospero, the war would cause the human colonies there to move to another region of the Moon, which was not to be found until the beginning of the next century. The group avoided the conflict by lending the frozen body of Professor Moriarty to the Lunites and returning Cavor's body to the Selenites.


The Moon is inhabited by several intelligent races and diverse animals.


These races are seen in the LoEG comics and supporting stories to inhabit the moon:

  1. Selenites
  2. Lunites
  3. Watcher
  4. Human colonists

Various animals also appear:

  1. Hippomyrmices
  2. Gansa
  3. Clangers
  4. Soup Dragon


These races are not seen in any LoEG media, but considering the source material used for the comics it can be assumed they exist in the LoEG-universe as well:

  1. Lunarian
  2. Thuum’ha
  3. Radar Men

For animals:

  1. Aeroconopes
  2. Giant Spider
  3. Lachanopteri
  4. Psyllotoxotae
  5. Lunar Frog
  6. Mooncalf
  7. Rapha
  8. Tzee

Source materialEdit

The Moon in LoEG is inspired by many sources, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Amazon Women on the Moon, H.G Well's The First Men on the Moon, George Griffith's Honeymoon in Space, Lucian's True History, the works of Jules Verne and Georges Méliès, among many others.

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