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Reptilian creatures with scaly and pale skin, the Nak-Kar are ferocious Lunar animals that are used as steeds by the Lunites, being their main means of transport and beasts of war.

According to the co-monarch of women warriors, these beings are of an intermediate race between the land dinosaurs and the prehistoric birds that followed them. They are also related to another species of plump and brightly patterned lunar bird, but of a much stronger and more ferocious lineage. They are believed to be the only presence keeping Uatu, the Watcher, at bay as he watches the warriors in their drills.


The Nak-kar are huge, bipedal reptiles with muscular legs, long necks and sharp teeth. They seem to have flexible tongues, and their upper limbs are just vestigial stumps. Their diet is unknown, but due to their characteristics, it can be assumed that they are carnivores