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The true fountain of youth

The Flame of Life is an undying lake of blue plasma located in the African nation of Uganda, capable of granting immortality to anyone who bathes in it. Caused by the fall of a meteorite, it has been the source of eternal life for many legendary figures throughout human history.


At some point in the past, possibly even before the appearance of the first human beings, a singular stone hurled itself from space towards Earth, falling into what would later be the African continent, in what would one day be the city of Kor, containing a mysterious substance that was neither fire nor water. Over time, several individuals made their way there, intentionally or not, and found that contact with the blue flames was able to restore youth to anyone, and even more, prevent it from aging.

Some of the first who swam in the flames of immortality were troglodytes and primitive hominids, who would later found a kind of village in Abyssinia (future Ethiopia), where they would spend the following millennia.

Other famous immortals who bathed there were the infamous and cruel Queen Ayesha, who founded the capital of her empire there, the city of Kor, as well as Bio of Thebes, who many millennia later would assume the name Orlando, and of course Mina Murray and the settler Allan Quatermain.

In 2010, the pool was destroyed in a nuclear explosion timed in a plot of revenge by a crazed Sir James, arousing the fury of Orlando who swore to kill him.

On the stones that spread on the banks of the plasma lagoon, the names of the various immortals who set foot there are engraved.

Source material.[]

The pool of fire is based on the mystical flame of life, an element present in the Gothic novel Ayesha, The Return of She, by H. Rider Haggard.