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Captain Robert Owemuch

Captain Robert Owemuch was a 16th century sailor and a member of Prospero's Men, the original incarnation of the League.


Robert was an impoverished sea captain who discovered a floating island, which he called Scotia Moria. He joined Prospero's Men most likely being hired by Prospero to compensate his poverty.

During the final years of Prospero's Men, Captain Owemuch transported Prospero to the Blazing World. After Prospero effectively left his group, the already in-debt Owemuch was not present to see the sorcerer's departure as he was occupied in his debt. When he did learned about Prospero's departure, Owemuch was deeply angry over Prospero for not paying his fees before he left.

Source material[]

Robert appears in the 1673 novel The Floating Island by Richard Head.