Satin Astro is a superhero from the late 30th century and was a member of the Seven Stars.

History Edit

In the 30th century, a great disaster has devastated the world. Humanity inhabits aerial over-cities, or domed totalitarian environments. Earth is ruled by a Mars-based tyrant Lamarr, The Lord of Mars. In the city of We, Satin was a bio-engineered space-soldier Private Satin Astrovik who along with her lover Burt Steele deserted and fought against their overlord, becoming space-criminals in the process. They had many adventures, with emissaries of The Lord of Mars hot on their heels.

Eventually, in 2996 Satin and Burt made a desperate plan to travel back in time to 1958 to warn humanity and prevent the disaster that created their dystopian future. But only Satin was sent back to the past and Burt was apparently killed. Unfortunately, due to chrononaut amnesia syndrome, she did not remember these events. Satin ended up in America's midwest and the next years she found acting work, mostly posing as a space villainess, with America's booming "hero industry." She later moved to England where she was contacted by Vull the Invisible to join the Seven Stars in 1964.

In 2009, Satin remembered her mission as the disaster is now set in motion in that year. With her memories restored, she returned to the Star Chamber with Mars Man where they attempted to find their old comrades. They contacted the retired Electro Girl and Captain Universe, who were unable to help them.

Source materialEdit

Satin Astro was created by Dennis Reader and appeared in Whizzer Comics (1947).

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