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Selwyn Cavor was a scientist who developed the Cavorite substance that was used for the prospective British turn-of-the-century mission to, and annexation of, the Moon in 1901.


Initially, however, Cavor's Cavorite, that was to be used for the moon expedition in 1900, was stolen by the Chinese crimelord The Doctor, who is to believe in using it to gain revenge on the British Empire in the form of an airship. After the League recovered the Cavorite, it was instead turn over to Professor Moriarty, who was "M" of British Intelligence and used Cavor's substance again in fueling his own airship to threaten Britain in which it was subsequently lost and floated into space along with Moriarty.[1]

Cavor labored in recreating his Cavorite for the 1901 lunar expedition. During the mission, the expedition encountered the Selenites. Selflessly, Cavor ordered his companions to leave for Earth without him after being trapped by the Selenites. He then killed himself by stepping out of the Moon's atmosphere. Back on Earth, a memorial was dedicated to him in St. James Park.[2]

In 1925 Janni Dakkar remembered Cavor among other decesead scientists.[3]

Minions of the Moon[]

A frozen Cavor kept by the Selenites.

Unknown to everybody after his death, his body was frozen and became a religious idol for the Selenites as they believed Cavor to be a godly being. In 1964, Mina Murray found his frozen body in the possession of the Lunites, who wanted to extract his sperm since all the men in their colony had died from a mysterious disease. This however caused a lot of tension between them and the Selenites, and almost escalated into a war. To prevent the war Mina returned the body of Cavor to the Selenites after giving the body of Professor Moriarty to the Lunites.[4]

Flaming World Crisis[]

In 2010 his frozen body was still in possession of the Selenites.[5]

Source material[]

Selwyn Cavor is from The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells.