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John Night was an inventor and owner of Night Industries.


John Night began his life at Greyfriars School and became friends with Harold Wharton, Robert Kim Cherry, and Billy Bunter. He was known for designing fantastic gadgets in which he soon founded Night Industries which marketed his inventions. Night's company was contracted to Britain's MI5 for making advanced inventions such as brain-washing machines and providing equipment for the Port Merion project. He was subsequently knighted for his services. He sired his daughter Emma Night and became long time friends with Hugo Drummond.

By the 1950's, Night received contract rights for his industry in supplying a United Nations intelligence department through his close associate Alexander Waverly. This brought enmity from the United States government who competed for the rights. As a result, Night was murdered by Jimmy Bond, who worked as a double agent for the United States, and his death was covered up as a result of a heart attack.

Source material[]

John Night is implied to be the grown up version of Johnny Bull, a member of the Famous Five in the Greyfriars magazine serial and (later) novel series. This would imply that John Bull was a nickname because of his tremendous strength for a child his age.