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Suki Tawdry is a character who appears in the background through all three books of Century in various personas. Nearly every one of her lines is sung. She acts as a sort of "Greek chorus", aware of the plot and directly addressing the reader.



In 1910, Suki Tawdry is a prostitute who works at the Cuttlefish Hotel. When Janni Dakkar arrives at the Cuttlefish, Suki watches as she is harassed by the hotel's patrons. As she observes their behavior, she sings a song predicting their downfall. Later, when Janni is raped, Suki helps her return to her room. Following Pirate Jenny's attack on the East End, Suki and Jack MacHeath mock the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for arriving too late to actually do anything.


Sometime after Mina Murray's disappearance in 1969, a punk band called Zuki and the Tawdries appears in the club out of which the League formerly operated.


As Orlando returns to the old League headquarters after being discharged from the army, he hears his former team being derided in a song called "Cannon Rap", sung by "goth icon" Spooky Tawdry.

Source material[]

Suki Tawdry is based on the character of the same name from Bertolt Brecht's Threepenny Opera. Nearly all of her songs are versions of songs from the opera, specifically "Pirate Jenny", "What Keeps Mankind Alive?", "The Pimp's Ballad", and "Cannon Song".